Friday, May 12, 2017


So, it's that time when we're in the middle of the month, again. As you grow older time flies faster doesn't it? Aye.

The past one month has been a busy but fruitful one for me. In the last weekend of April, I had the opportunity to attend a Toastmaster conference which gave me the privilege to listen to speeches by a lot of veteran speakers. From the National champion to the District speakers, they delivered messages that provoked my thoughts.

It's amazing how a conversation could save a life; and now imagine that to a whole group of audience. Astonishing, hey? I'm working to get there, and one day I will.

Put that aside, I'm nearing the one-year benchmark in my current company. Just been really grateful for the fact that I was nurtured with encouragement by several people around me from the day I started working. It's not easy to find someone you can trust and make friends with at work, and I considered myself to be a lucky one; of course not everyone is nice to befriend, but there are a few.

My temper has just been really bad lately. I got mad on unnecessary stuff, raged in odd occasions. I'm working on that, and I'm afraid I need some time, but I know that's okay. Keep calm and take a deep breathe.

If my life is a roller coaster track, I'm at the smooth track right now, swaying back and forth, cruising along the way but I'm sure something exciting is on its way.

Just keep going like this.

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